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We stand out from the other competitors by taking a corporate approach to the variety and the pricing of our activities, while still going above and beyond with our customer/ affiliate support. We guarantee this with our diverse team of guides, capable of speaking a wide range of languages, including English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Japanese and more. We know how to create some of the most adventurous safaris that the winter lands of Finland can offer. We are dedicated to creating the best experiences for our customers.

Nordic Unique Travels is a new travel agency located in Rovaniemi, the threshold of the Arctic. Each of our safaris has been tailored to maximize positive customer experiences and our catalogue consists of over 65 daily tours. Our most popular activities include speciality Northern Lights Photography tours accompanied by professional photographers and in-depth explorations throughout Lapland.

Our photographers are the most well-equipped and the most experienced in the industry; they know how to capture you at the best moment. While you’re immersed in the Northern Lights, they will be capturing each moment for you to remember. If you are a photographer looking to create your own Northern Lights photo album, our team can teach you the proper techniques for taking the best Northern Lights photos.

Lapland is a magical place! Let us tailor your dream vacation while you relax and enjoy your travels through the Nordic! Nordic Unique Travels.


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