Weather and climate

Lapland is in the continental climate zone. The winters are cold and rich in snow, but thanks to the Gulf Stream, the summers are relatively warm. Rovaniemi is part of the arctic region; its climate, however, is subarctic and temperate, characterised by strong seasonal contrasts of dark versus bright and cold versus warm.

Rovaniemi weather facts

Temperature & rain

The average annual temperature is + 0.2°C. The coldest recorded local temperature is -45.3°C, the hottest recorded local temperature is +30.6°C. Precipitation totals 535 mm/year.


Snow is on the ground for roughly half of the year, commonly from late November to mid-April or even early May.

Current weather

What’s it like in Rovaniemi right now? Several weather service providers keep you up-to-date – try Foreca, or the Finnish Meteorological Institute, for example.

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