What’s the best place to stay in Lapland? Nordic Unique Travels provides many great accommodation options for you, from the more traditional hotels and chalets to exotic glass igloos. Here you can find your ideal lodging in Rovaniemi and beyond.



Aurora Nest - Eco Glass Igloo

Aurora Nest is a groundbreaking luxury accommodation that can easily be moved from one place to another. When afloat, it can also be placed in any body of water all year round.

Staying in an Aurora Nest in an untouched nature offers something completely new compared to an ordinary vacation destination, just what the travelers dream, a balance from the hustle of everyday life.

Aurora Nest – Eco Glass Igloo

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel provides a unique blend of luxury comfort in the heart of Arctic nature, local Lappish traditions and modern Scandinavian design. In contrast to the meticulously designed accommodation and nest-like cosiness, the panoramic views from the windows provide impressive spectacles of the forest.

Arctic Light Hotel

Follow the Light. The Arctic Light Hotel is a contemporary hotel situated in the heart of Lapland-Rovaniemi. The family owned hotel is easy to reach by plane, car and train and is only steps away from the main activity providers in the city and the major shopping and cultural areas.

Traditional Arctic Chalet

They used to say, “Christmas comes but once a year” – not any more. Our Christmas Chalets bring on the seasonal spirit 365 days of the year. Summer or winter, autumn or spring, we guarantee you’ll spend Christmas in style.

Floating sauna house

You’ll get a chance to enjoy the health benefits and the heat of a floating barrel sauna on the Ounasjoki river. While bathing in the sauna, you may cool down by hopping into the fresh river. The floating sauna is a real experience in Finnish river nature.


GLASS IGLOOS Admire the northern lights and the twinkling of the bright starry sky in one of our Glass Igloos – either with a group of friends, or snuggled up romantically with your loved one.

Arctic SnowHotel​

Glass Igloos Blend into the Arctic night Close to the Arctic Circle, next to SnowHotel you will find the tranquillity of the glass igloos. Staying overnight in a glass igloo feels like sleeping in the open, but inside the igloo it is just as warm and cosy as a hotel.