Eco Glass Igloo

Welcome to Aurora Nest – Eco Glass Igloo Experience the unique arctic landscape, where the wild nature is just one glass way.

Even though you might be a world away from home, at the Aurora Nest we welcome you like family. Let us take you away from the stresses and demands of everyday life. At Aurora Nest nature, ecological values, comfort and modern design are combined for an exciting adventure.

Gaze out at Lapland’s spectacular nature from our separate, unique, secluded and comfortable rooms in the nature. From August to April you have the chance to watch the Northern Lights illuminate the sky above you.

Summertime we have daylight all night long. One thing’s for sure at the Aurora Nest, you’ll be inspired by your surroundings and experiences.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure, a relaxing break or simply to wind down in nature, Aurora Nest invites you to experience nature, our activities and surroundings, in the most unique and memorable way you can imagine.

Aurora Nest - The pioneer of nature tourism

Aurora Nest opens up billions of square meters of gorgeous water areas for entrepreneurs’ benefit and tourists’ pleasure. Aurora Nest floats at its destination independently without affecting the environment. The ability to freely navigate and stay overnight in a boat on the water is a little-used, legally authorized “everyman’s right” in the Nordic countries. Aurora Nest makes this possible without harming nature.
In the summer, the Aurora Nest glass Igloo boat is a cool, comfortable accommodation on the water, where you are protected from mosquitos. In winter it can be placed on ice. The temporary placement of an Aurora Nest on land usually requires only the permission of the landowner. Eco-friendly accommodation near natural attractions – destination accommodation

Come and stay in the nature

Aurora Nest is a groundbreaking luxury accommodation that can easily be moved from one place to another. When afloat, it can also be placed in any body of water all year round.
Staying in an Aurora Nest in an untouched nature offers something completely new compared to an ordinary vacation destination, just what the travelers dream, a balance from the hustle of everyday life.

Experience our surroundings no matter what season it is. Regardless of whether you have a need for speed and adventure, or if you’re looking for tranquility and a time for reflection, let Aurora Nest help you discover the charm of the North. We have an array of seasonal packages to exceed your needs and expectations. From Husky rides to ice fishing, forest SPA, ice dining, or Snowmobile Adventure, our activities are designed to capture the time of year and boast the beauty of our unique nature in this part of the world.

Aurora Nest is the perfect place to experience the northern lights phenomenon. From the rooms, the jacuzzi, or from our guided northern lights tours.

Aurora Nest glass Igloo makes that experience luxurious and unique.

Aurora Nest is built on the genuine experience of nature, so it’s a given that sustainability and ecological values are two pillars of our hotel operation.

  • 12-angled four seasons Igloo Boat with glass walls and glass roof
  • Ecological 2-persons premium accommodation, ability to move next to nature experiences
  • Scenery cottage, double bed, kitchen, food cellar, composting toilet, ice fishing hole on floor
  • Operating electricity by solar and biofuel cells, heating by renewable fuel, no emissions.

We have chosen an eco outdoor wood floor, which doesn´t contain any chemical substances. The wood is heated to over 200 degrees, which triggers their intrinsic resistance to protect against destruction.

The Aurora Nest glass Igloo all have good insulation and are warmed up by underfloor heating. The electricity is supplied locally from green hydroelectric power. And the lighting consists of low-energy LED-systems.
Each room has a modern, environmentally friendly combustion toilet where everything is incinerated at 600 °C. The toilets are completely odorless and powered by electricity.

Bathrooms have water-efficient sinks with running water sufficient for washing hands, face and brushing teeth. All wastewater is collected in a container that is emptied daily.

Our policy is:

Our policy is:

  • To be environmentally friendly and active against climate change.
  • To contribute to local economic development and life quality for local people.
  • To support local culture and encourage our visitors to buy quality products and services from local entrepreneurs.
  • To support products and services that authentically reflect local lifestyle and culture.
  • To work as partners with local communities and landowners.To create experiences that satisfy guests and live up to their expectations.
  • To continuously improve our operations and sustainability actions.

How do I get to Aurora Nest ?

Roundtrip transportation is included in our service prices. Book your stay and arrive at your agreed-upon pick-up point, and we’ll safely transport you to the Aurora Nest.
Aurora Nest is located on a lakeshore in the Lappish wilderness, surrounded by pure and fresh nature. On our way to Aurora Nest, we will cross the Arctic Circle. We will arrive in the Arctic region where peace, silence and pure nature can be experienced at their best. The Arctic Circle is sometimes called the boundary of stress and haste. We have a saying that in Lapland, even the faraway places are near.
Having said all that, the Aurora Nest is only a 10-minute drive from Rovaniemi Airport. Our service includes transport for our customers to the destination from their agreed-upon pick-up point. You can choose the pick-up place most suitable. After your stay, we’ll transport you back to the Rovaniemi city or Airport or Train station.
Transport is arranged from either Rovaniemi Airport (departure time 16:00), Santa Claus Village (16:30) or central Rovaniemi (17:00). After booking, you will receive detailed information on how to arrive at the pick-up point by email.