Why should you visit Rovaniemi in the summer?

Rovaniemi is known as a winter wonderland, but have you thought about visiting the city during summer? Here are some points to show you why Rovaniemi is a wonderful summer location as well!

1. Everything is cheaper

Winter is the high season for tourists in Rovaniemi with thousands of tourists, that is why winter is expensive, often 2-3 times higher than summer. So why not come here in summer, everything is much cheaper and with a lot less people, so you will have a more relaxing time to enjoy the culture of Lapland.

2. Cooler summer weather

During the summer, southern Europe can be extremely hot. If you are looking for a more refreshing vibe, Lapland is the go to. Our summers get around 21 to 27 degrees, making it an excellent time for nature activities.

3. The Midnight sun

The Midnight sun is one of the magical phenomenal things in life. The sun will be there for you 24 hours, never set, so there will be more time to explore the place.

4. Summer activities

There are plenty of activities that you can only do during the summer such as Hiking, Bird watching, Bear watching, Moose safari, Arctic river fishing, Rafting, Canoeing, Sauna Boat and many others! Rovaniemi is the perfect destination for summer for families, couples, or even singles. We welcome you all.

5. Cloudberry- picking

Have you heard of cloudberries before? It looks just like a Orange Cloud!

Cloudberry is the most important commercial berry in Lapland, and the crop season here continuous until August. A 2-week-long cloudberry-picking period is a season that attracts many people who want to try this super food.  Do you want to try how it tastes?

6. Moose safari

Moose is the largest animal in the Finnish forests. An elk usually weights between 250 to 600 kg and a cow between 240 to 450 kg. Th moose grows a new pair of antlers each year. Seeing them in the forest is an extremely worthy experience you should try when you come to Lapland.

7. Santa Claus in summer

Don’t you ever think of meeting Santa Clause in summer? What kind of dress will he wear at this time? Do you want to meet him without long-line-wating? So Summer is for you!

For more information about What to do in summer in Rovaniemi, feel free to contact us Nordic Unique Travels. Thank you for reading and have a nice summer!

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