Finland, Norway
Destination Country
Inari, Ivalo, Rovaniemi
3 days
Duration of Activity

Three-day Trip to Norway and Finland: North Cape, Amethyst Mine & King Crab Excursion


Price per person: 1299€ Adult 998€ (14 years old or younger)

*minimum 2 persons paying full price

Departure: Every Monday and Wednesday 8:00
Duration: 3 days

Pick-up from and drop-off to your hotel/accommodation
Guide in English
(other languages available on request: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese)
All the activities
2 nights 4 star hotel in Norway
Lunch buffet /King crab meal/Cod fish dinner/reindeer pizza

North Cape, Norway is a steep cliff on the island of Magal and also the northernmost point of continental Europe. It is the northernmost point that people can reach except the centre of the Arctic. It has the title of “the end of the world” and many explorers have come here to experience this unique feeling!

The seafront cliffs are the best locations to view the northern lights in the Nordic region! During the summer days, the sun begins to drop from 22:00 and stays on the horizontal line at midnight, which is spectacular. The sun begins to rise again after midnight. It is also the best place in the world to watch the midnight sun! At the end of the North Cape cliffs, you can easily capture photos of the midnight sun!


Day 1

First Day

The first day of the trip: Departure to the 200 million-year-old virgin forest – Crystal Mountain, which is also a geology and ecology conservation area. You will see the beauty of Lapland’s primaeval forests and mountains. You can also see the living stone and enter Crystal Mountain to experience the excavation of a piece of precious amethyst that grows 1 centimetre a year (the size of the crystal cannot exceed your fist)! Because of the local Sami Aboriginal people’s insistence on the protection of nature! Crystal Mountain is still not fully developed, and it is the last and most complete primitive crystal mountain in Europe.  
Day 2

Honningsvåg -Norway Honningsvåg - North Cape King Crab Tour

2nd Day Trip: King Crab Tour – North Cape Tour – The Norwegian Arctic Circle can fish king crabs all year round. Because of the extreme cold all year round, the King Crab is particularly fertile. It lives on the deep sea in the Norwegian Arctic Circle. First stop: After visiting professionals along the beach, the fishermen will explain the history of King Crab in the Norwegian Arctic Circle and how to cook King Crab. Instantly bring the King Crab back to the camp for cooking. You will participate in the whole process and enjoy the instant enjoyment. Fresh Arctic King Crab! From the second stop: Head to the north corner of Norway (at the end of the mainland) with a breathtaking view of the fjord. You can see the spectacular views of the northern corners of different European continents and various museums in North Cape to explore North Point history. Dinner in Honningsvåg, Norway (Guided by the tour guide) Stay at night in Honningsvåg – Honningsvag Beach Chalet or Four Star HotelIn the evening, head to the cliffs on the sea facing Mager Island, the best place to watch the Midnight Sun or Northern Lights in the Nordic region! From the end of August till mid-April, in the evening, the sky will dance to the beautiful Northern Lights. These ultra-dream colours are sometimes green, sometimes blue, purple, and so on. You will feel the Northern Lights dancing on top of your head. It’s very beautiful. From early May to August, you can watch the stunning midnight sun – the sun is always there. Wonderful scenery!
Day 3

Hill View

 Day 3: Top view of Surrey Hill, the highest point in Lapland. Experience the most beautiful scenery in the Lapland Sami area! Go all the way to Surrey Hills, the highest point in Lapland, Finland. Located on the top of the hill to see the most beautiful scenery in Lapland. After the sensory feast, you can make your own lunch in Surrey Hills and return to Ivalo or Rovaniemi.

IncludesPick-up from and drop-off to your hotel/accommodation, Guide in English (other languages available on request: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese), Forest Chalet or 4-star hotel / 2 nights, INARI Sami Museum Ticket, King Crab Tour and King Crab Lunch, Deep Sea cod fish Dinner, luosto amethyst mine day tour, North cape museum, Saariselkä top hill, Two Nights Fjord View* Midnight Sun /* Hunting Northern Lights
available monthJanuary, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
subject of interestAmethyst, fjord, King Crab, Midnight sun, Nature safari, Picking berry and mushroom in the forest, Traditional food


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