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8 days
Duration of Activity

Discover the Lofoten islands and the beauty of Lapland

  8 days  /   1899EUR  / adult

Trip throughout Finnish, Swedish and Norvegian Lapland to get to the Lofoten and Vesterålen islands where you will get to do some amazing hiking with stunning panorama view. You will have the chance to see whales, eagles and other animals.

The tour starts from Rovaniemi, the hometown of Santa Claus where you get to know your guide for this amazing adventure.
After crossing the border of Sweden from Pello and heading to Kirun – the moving city, you will visit the biggest iron mine in the world. The accommodation for the night will be in Kiruna, from where is fast to get to the next stop: Abisko national park that is a couple of hours by car from the city and one of the most beautiful places in the world to hike. According to the weather condition we will either go for a longer or shorter hike in this amazing landscape.

After the hike we will head to Narvik a small town in the Norwegian sea. In the morning we will get to Møysalen national park in the Lofoten islands where you have the chance to hike the highest mountain in the Lofoten islands and see a beautiful panoramic view before heading to Hennes where the accommodation is waiting for you.

We will spend the next days to visit the Lofoten Islands, the beaches, the small villages (Reine, Ä, Napp), hiking in many beautiful places including Kvalvika beach and visiting places like the viking museum. You will move for the last days in the Vesterelän islands a hidden pearl in the Arctic ocean where the stunning panorama and wildlife are unbelievable.

During the whole trip in the Lofoten and Vesterelän islands there are really good chances to spot whales, eagles and even seals and see some of the best white hidden beaches in Norway where you can swim if you are brave enough.

What’s included?

  • Transfer and car with driver/guide
  • Professional guide in English (other languages available on request: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese)
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Entrance fees and tickets
  • All the activities in the itinerary
  • Transport

What do I need to bring?

Id card/ passport, clothes for hiking and swimming for 8 days. Norwegian weather can change really fast so we suggest to bring warm clothes and rain jacket. Hiking shoes are strongly suggested.

Day 1 :  From Rovaniemi to Kiruna

The tour starts from Rovaniemi, hometown of Santa Claus where you get to know your guide that will lead you in this amazing adventure. From Rovaniemi we head to the border with Sweden from Pello and arrive in Kiruna, the moving city. There is a lot to learn about the city and a must to do is a visit to the biggest iron mine in the world situated under the city, the trip will take around 4 hours from Rovaniemi and after the visit you will be taken to your accommodation in the city.

According to the weather and the time of the year ( from the end of August to April) it is possible to see the northern lights during the whole trip at night.

Day 2 :  Abisko National Park and Narvik

The second day we will head to Abisko National park couple of hours away from Kiruna for a hike (1 – 3 hours depending also from the weather). Abisko is a 77 square kilometers park situated 150 km north of the Arctic circle. At night you will head to Norway and precisely to Narvik a small town in the Norwegian sea that face the Lofoten islands and was a strategical harbor during the second world war.

The trip from the national park to Narvik will take also couple of course. At night is possible to take a tour of the city and see the harbor.

Day 3 :  Hike in Møysalen national park the highest montain of Lofoten islands (1262 m)

After the night in Narvik the next stop will be Møysalen national park in the Lofoten islands where you will have the chance to hike on the top of the highest mountain of the Lofoten islands with a beautiful landscape at 360 degrees. In case of bad weather condition the guide can decide for a shorter hike for safety reasons on the beautiful fjords. The accommodation for the night will be in the nearby of Hannes close to the sea with beautiful view.

Day 4 :  Viking museum, village of Napp and searching for whales

In the morning we will visit the Lofotr Viking Museum where you can understand a bit more of the way of life of the old population living in Norway and their habits. After that we will head to the next accommodation in Napp one of the largest fjords in the Lofoten islands where you can easily spot whales and killer whales even from the window of your room, take a tour in the surroundings and admire the small hidden beaches. If you still have some strength left you can decide to hike one of the small mountains top in the surrounding and admire the sunset from the top.

Day 5 :  Kvalvika / Bunes beach, swim in the Arctic ocean, visit Reine and Ä

The guide will take you to one of the most spectacular beach in Norway Kvalvika beach ( or her twin Bunes beach according to the weather) where after a small hike (1 hour ) you can enjoy the view and have a swim in the Arctic ocean! For the bravest ones there is the possibility to get to the view point on top of the mountain ( around 600 m high) and take some pictures of the stunning panorama at 360 degrees.

Back from the hike we will visit the famous villages of Reine and Ä the last place that can be reached by car. After that you will come back to your accommodation in Napp.

Day 6 :  Vesterålen islands, white hidden beaches, Hodven

You will head from Napp to the western part of the Vesterålen islands, around 4 hours trip from Napp where are located the most unknown and beautiful beaches in Norway and from where is possible to spot whales and seals. You can try to swim in one of the most beautiful turquoise sea and take pictures that will make you look like you traveled to Maldives ( even if a bit colder). The area close to the mountains is populated by many eagles. You will also visit the small fisherman village of Hodven. The accommodation will be in the Vesterålen islands close to the sea.

Day 7 :  Hiking with the eagles or whales watching with the boat

Together with the guide you will go to hike surrounded by eagles in the Nykvåg national park an experience that is unforgettable. In some time of the year the number of the eagles flying on the mountain can be over 10. The hiking is around 6/7 hours and from the top of the mountain you can see the Lofoten islands and the snow on the top of the highest mountains.

In case of bad weather condition we will head to Stø where you can enjoy the boat trip and admire the whales in the middle of the Arctic ocean.

Day 8 :  Coming back to Rovaniemi

You will leave quite early in the morning and getting ready for the long trip back to Rovaniemi.


available monthJuly, August, September, October
IncludesHotel accommodation every night, Guide in English (other languages available on request: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese), All the activities


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