Finland, Norway
Destination Country
Ivalo, Kemi, Rovaniemi
2 days
Duration of Activity

2-day King Crab Seafood Safari to Kirkenes, Norway


Price per person: 899€ Adult 699€ (14 years old or younger)

*minimum 2 people paying full price

Departure: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday any time between 7:00 and 8:00 (Departure may adjust according to different seasons)
Duration: 2 days

Pick-up from and drop-off to your hotel/accommodation
Guide in English
(other languages available on request: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese)
Winter clothes (Overalls, boots, gloves and beanie)
1 night four-star hotel in Norway
Arctic floating
Hunting Northern Lights Tour
Fjord sightseeing
Entry to Inari Siida Sami museum
Diving trip for King Crab & seafood

The famous King crab and other seafood are some of the delights to be caught on this amazing trip to the Northernmost parts of the Arctic. We will pick you up from Ivalo or Rovaniemi (your choice) and from there, drive to Inari for a visit to the famous Sami museum, Siida. Next up, we head north to Kirkenes in Norway, where a trained diver hunts for your lunch, including the highly prized king crab and sea urchins. Of course with such treasures to be caught, we’ll also need to teach you how to cook them!

While out on the boat, strap yourself into a survival suit and float in the waters of the Arctic Ocean. During the dark season, the Northern Lights may be visible in the clear skies as you float! After this, it’s time to relax in your seaside cabin* before returning the next day via Saariselkä for a visit to the Kaunispää fell to enjoy a buffet lunch.

*Northern Lights sightings are subject to weather conditions and solar activity, so they are not guaranteed!



Pick up from Rovaniemi or Ivalo. Drive north to Inari to wander the fascinating exhibits of the “Siida” Sami museum, where you can learn about the local indigenous culture of Lapland. Don’t forget to buy a postcard in the gift shop. Next stop is Kirkenes, Norway, by the Arctic Ocean. No time to stop because it’s straight out onto the water for your seafood safari! Learn from the expert divers about the delicious king crab and sea urchin. Time to cook! Nothing beats a feast of seafood, and what could be better than by a Norwegian village in the ocean! Suit up and take a float in the freezing waters of the Arctic Ocean! Don’t worry, the suits are water and coldproof, and you don’t even need to swim! Just get in and laze around among the ice and snow. Unwind from the day in your very own seaside cabin*. Venture out into the night during late Autumn and Winter seasons for a chance to glimpse the Northern Lights! 

After breakfast, start your journey back to Rovaniemi (or Ivalo) and stop for a buffet lunch in Saariselkä, Finland. The town has magnificent surrounding fells and tourists from every place and is very close to Russia. Take a drive up the nearby fell, Kaunispää, for a breathtaking view over the surroundings. Breathe the fresh, clean air of the Arctic tundra deeply. Then we’ll be back to your starting location. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the reindeer by the roads!

IncludesPick-up from and drop-off to your hotel/accommodation, Winter clothes (Overalls, boots, gloves and beanie), Guide in English (other languages available on request: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese), Arctic floating, Deep sea diving hunting king crab, Deep sea diving hunting king crab and seafood, Forest Chalet or Four Star Hotel, Forest Chalet or Four Star Hotel / One Night, Hunting Northern Lights, INARI Sami Museum Ticket, Saariselkä top hill, Seafood meal
available monthJanuary, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
subject of interestArctic floating, Diving hunting, fjord, King Crab, Nature safari, Northern Lights, Traditional food


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