The Best Of Northern Lights Photography Tour In Lapland

As the darkness of night looms over the Arctic World, nature reveals its best-kept secret – Auroras or the Northern Lights. And when you catch this elusive beauty in its full glory you know that these magical lights are the best thing that ever happened to the world!

Of all the winter activities in RovaniemiNorthern Lights photography tour is certainly one of the most popular tours preferred by the tourists from across the world. After all, who wouldn’t want to explore the Lappish wilderness, watch the beautiful Auroras dancing in the night sky, gorge on the lip-smacking Lappish barbecue, pose in front of the Northern Lights, and listen to the folklore and legends about the Auroras!

The moment you decide to join the Northern Lights Photography Tour, you become the privileged one to behold the biggest show that draws millions of tourist from all over the world to the Arctic region for close to 200 days a year. These 200 days span from Autumn to Spring. In this blog, we are exactly going to explain to you how a Northern Light photography tour in Rovaniemi looks like, and what are the things we have planned for you during this activity that lasts almost 4.5 hours!

Northern Lights photography tour – Overview

The coveted Rovaniemi Northern Lights photography tour comprises of a series of activities that starts with a drive to the wilderness. This place could be lakeside or a quaint forest location away from the city lights. There are hundreds of such spots in and around the Rovaniemi city centre. After determining the perfect spot, the Aurora hunt begins and this is the time when a tour guide’s experience and knowledge comes handy as he exactly knows where can you possibly spot the best Auroras that night.

Upon arrival at the spot, tourists indulge in the barbecue and campfire making activity while quietly waiting for the Auroras to appear if it hadn’t appeared already. And once you find it swaying in the sky over you, you know that’s the moment which has made you devour thousands of kilometres to be there! You get some stunning photos with Auroras in the backdrop, enjoy the fun moments, and finally end the tour by getting back to your accommodation.

Best time for a Northern Lights photography tour in Rovaniemi

The popular theory states that winter is Lapland in the perfect time for Northern Light watching. However, taking the number of dark and clear skies into consideration, Autumn & Spring make for the best time to watch Northern Lights in Rovaniemi.

Explaining the Northern Lights photography tour – the experience

The entire trip is incredibly astonishing starting from the pick up from the accommodation to the final drop off after an exciting 4-4.5 hour tour.

As it gets dark outside and it’s time to head into the wilderness, a guide picks you up from your accommodation and drives you to a location 30-40 km from the city centre. And when the Auroras are finally spotted we pause and make barbecue arrangements in the Laavu (the wooden barbecue place in the forest) nearby.

The entire setting of mystical forest around, Milky Way galaxy, and Auroras make the situation just perfect for a memorable night. It is highly recommended to carry a professional camera with you if you have one. In any case, a professional photographer would help you get the best shots with Auroras. The fact that this location free of any kind of light pollution means that you get to capture the perfect sky with Auroras and Milky Way. Advantage – you can make the best use of the opportunity of learning the nuances of professional Aurora photography from the photographer.

Barbecue under Northern Lights

By the bonfire, you will be told everything about the Auroras, the reason behind their occurrence and the legends related to it as told by the Sami people.

Reindeer sausage and blueberry tea are essentials of most of the barbecue sessions in Rovaniemi. After the completion of the trip, you’ll have access to all the photos from the trip. Finally, the tourists are driven back to their accommodations respectively.

It must be noted that Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and their sightings are subject to weather conditions and solar activity. And thus, it is not at all guaranteed!


  1. Hotel pick-up and dropoff
  2. Guide in English (or another language on request: Dutch, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese)
  3. Winter clothes (Overalls, boots)
  4. Reindeer sausage (vegetarian/vegan alternative available upon request) and blueberry tea
  5. Professional photoshoot with camera & tripod
  6. Photo to be sent on email later
  7. Campfire BBQ

Price per person: 110 Euros onwards

For everyone who ever desired to go up, close, and personal with the Northern Lights, this is the once-in-a-lifetime experience! Should you have any queries related to this tour or planning a trip to Lapland in general, leave us a message below or contact us through our website.


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